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What is the cost to finish drywall?

The cost to install and finish drywall varies depending on the amount of work involved. Square footage, corners and archways can make the job that much more difficult. The cost per square foot is around $1.50 and after the cost of labor and material is added your looking around $35 to $55 per panel.

Lets say you have a typical room that measures 12x12 and it takes 12 panels of dry wall to do the job your looking at anywhere between $420- $660 per room. On smaller jobs a contractor may charger more on the cost per square foot to offset their travel time and insurance cost. Every job is different this is just a general guide as to how much you could expect to pay.

Different Types of Dry Wall Finish Levels

Depending on where the drywall is located and the customer’s preference there are 5 different stages to finish off drywall.

Stage 0 – This is your basic level. Drywall is fastened to the stubs with either screws or nails. All joints are exposed and nail holes are not cover.

Stage 1 - All joints seams are taped with joint compound and fastener holes are covered. This type of finish you will see in areas that a not important to the eye like a water heater closet, storage room etc.

Stage 2 - Same as stage 1 but the seams will get their first coat of joint compound. This is usually done when preparing a wall to do tile work or in an area that is not visually important like a garage.

Stage 3 - In this stage the seams get a 2nd coat of joint compound. This is where appearance matters. Your contractor will apply a smooth thin coat over the previous first coat and remove any noticeable marks.

Stage 4 - This stage is where a third coat of joint compound is applied. Usually in areas with a lot of lighting and flat light paint is seen. You want to insure when the light hits these areas you will not be able to see any joint or seams in the drywall along with any fastener holes. This is more of a finishing touch application.

Stage 5 - This is usually a request by the customer, which carries an additional cost. A skim coat of joint compound will be applied one final time. This is done in areas that will have gloss, semi gloss paint, enamel, or non-textured paint and its best protection against joints and fasteners from showing through.

Final Thoughts

If you have an older home remember you may have asbestos in the walls along with lead based paint. If you are not sure contact a specialist so they can check for these things along with mold and bacteria.

Now that you have the walls removed now is a great time to inspect your electrical wiring, studs, trouble spots, any moisture related issues and anything else that may catch your eye.

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